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The Gubernator

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:41 pm
by JonintheRedZ28
Beem working on this Conan figure this week. Scale 75 flesh tones, and no, erin, I never did properly blend them, I just made a super thin glaze and slopped that on instead. Idk if it really helped or not but eh, been kind of a crappy week, it got paint on it, that's about all there really is to say about that. The other colors are all vallejos, some from the non metallic metals set, some out of my bucket. Mostly what I did for the browns was build up the basecoat and then add umber shade wash to the base color and washed that onto the base. Still needs some more drybrushing and touching up before basing. I am probably gonna try to redo the derp eyes and possibly the sword, am unsure on how it turned out.