I/1000 Bozeman Conversion - USS VOSTOK

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I/1000 Bozeman Conversion - USS VOSTOK

Postby The Mad Klingon » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:38 pm

I picked up a couple of resin kits from Del of Multiverse at Wonderfest a few months back. Overall the kit is well cast with few bubbles and seams.

The Polar Light's Miranda kit requires significant modifications before you can attach the Soyuz section. The Impulse crystal and part of the secondary hull needs to be shaved off. The bridge module also need to be carefully removed and replaced with the resin part.


The Bozeman section also requires a little TLC to ensure a good fit. A small lip inside the hull needs to be sanded away. The resin hull does not follow the contour of the Reliant. The kit's instructions suggest filling the sizable gap with Aves putty. I decided to fabricate spacers using styrene.


The second pass at the base design. The command star has been enlarged and the globe moved slightly. Now it feels more like the star is orbiting the globe rather than crashing into it.


Overall the casting for the Bozeman conversion is good. The only issue that needed to be addressed was some "artifacts" inside the recessed areas of the lower turret.


I decided to remove the damage and some of surrounding area and rebuilt the section using styrene square stock.


I'm ready to start laying down a base coat on my Bozeman and Phobos builds. There is lots of info out there on the proper color for the TOS Enterprise but little on the Refit. What color would you recommend.

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Re: I/1000 Bozeman Conversion - USS VOSTOK

Postby Godfather » Sun Aug 28, 2016 2:03 pm

Go Tom, go! :mrgreen:
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